School Aims

The school community has identified the following values which reflect the important principles on which we base all of our decisions.

We believe in Respect, Empathy, Honesty and Encouragement.

We aim to: provide a curriculum which is broad, balanced, coherent, progressive and consistent with National and Local Authority guidelines.

Raise attainment by having high expectations of all pupils and by providing learning opportunities which allow them to maximise their potential.

Provide high quality teaching and learning approached which stimulate pupils and meet individual needs.

Provide an effective system of support together with other agencies to meet educational, pastoral, personal and social needs of all pupils.

Promote an ethos of achievement and sense of equality and fairness for all based on mutual trust and respect.

Make the most effective use of resources – staffing, accommodation and finance to support teaching and learning.

Establish a team, led by the Head Teacher to lead and manage the school professionally, delegating and sharing leadership effectively, demonstrating commitment to pupils, staff and the wider community.

We strive to deliver these aims through a high quality learning and teaching experience and by regularly undertaking rigorous self-evaluation.

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