School Policies


To enable each child to develop their full academic potential, give them opportunity to develop their social skills, and encourage them at all times to fully develop their personalities, the school demands a high standard of progressive, efficient and caring teaching from the staff and a high standard of academic work, an active involvement and a real commitment from the pupils. Pupils are given special opportunities to develop a community awareness by being instructed in community affairs, and where possible, being involved in community activities. Our charities work is now a regular feature and the money, and interest, generated has been considerable. Pupils are also given opportunities to develop confidence and special skills by taking part in regular assemblies, occasional dramatic and musical events, and many other school activities. Pupils take responsibility as Monitors, Playground Buddies, members of our Pupil Council\Health Committee\Eco Committee\Malawi Committee\Grounds Group, lunchtime monitors, technology crew, computer monitors etc.

The school also takes part in the Annual Inverclyde Music Festival. Children are encouraged to participate as a means of building self esteem. Confidence in athletic skills is promoted through participation in a variety of sports.

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