Infant Registration

Registration of new entrants takes place in January each year. Dates and times of registration are publicised in local and national newspapers. Pupils resident within the school catchment area, whose fifth birthday falls between 1st March of the current school year and the last day of February of the following school year, will automatically be admitted into school.

Parents wishing to make a placing request for another school must first register in their local school and information will be given on request.

Parents of older children seeking a place should contact the school where advice will be given.

After the initial enrolment takes place, steps are taken to ensure that the change from pre-schooler to new entrant is as smooth and happy as possible. During the summer term parents are invited to bring children to school so that they and the children can meet their teacher. The children will be involved in a variety of activities and parents will meet with the senior managers to talk about preparation for school life and the primary school curriculum.

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