Equal Opportunities and Social Justice

We are determined to make sure that every pupil is supported throughout school, fairly and equally, regardless of circumstances. We call this social justice and it’s about making sure that all pupils are given an equal chance to reach their potential.

In meeting the needs of all our pupils we will demonstrate no discrimination on the basis of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief. This encompasses curricular, extra-curricular and classroom activities and is foremost in the attitudes which we develop in our pupils.

In light of recent legislation on Human Rights, Race Equality and Disability, the authority and its establishments are reviewing policy and practice on equal opportunities and social justice.

It is the aim of the school through personal and social education to foster, in our pupils, positive regard for self, for others and their needs, and to develop life skills to enable them to participate effectively and safely in society. Pastoral care is the responsibility of the Principal Teachers, Depute Head Teacher and the Head Teacher. Parents will be kept informed of any change in school policy.

Further information and advice, if desired, may be obtained from the head teacher.

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