Data Protection Rights

The collection, transfer, processing and sharing of data is done in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). Fuller details of the uses of pupil data can be found on the ScotXed website (

The Scottish Government Education Department works with a range of partners including HM Inspectorate of Education and the SQA. On occasion, individual data is made available to partners and academic institutions to carry out research and statistical analysis. In addition, partners may be provided with information they need in order to fulfil their official responsibilities. Any sharing of data will be done under the strict control of the Scottish Government Education Department, which will ensure that no individual level data will be made public and that these data will not be used to take any actions in respect of an individual.


If you have any concerns about the ScotXed data collections you can email the Senior Statistician, Peter Whitehouse, at or write to The ScotXed Support Office, the Scottish Government Education Department, Area 1B, Victoria Quay, Leitch, EH6 6QQ. Alternative versions of this page are available, on request from the ScotXed Support Office, in other languages, audio tape, Braille and large print.

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