Parent Information

parentsThe staff of the school are very much aware of the value of sharing the responsibility for the education of our pupils with the parents. Strong home/school links are invaluable in developing and maintaining good relationships. We do appreciate the time and commitment which so many parents give to the school.

We are very aware of the need to have good communication between parents and the school. Newsletters are sent home (normally at the beginning of each month) to keep parents informed of school activities and we would also recommend reading the minutes of the Parent Council meetings. These are displayed in the school. Communication is a two way process and it is important that parents inform the class teacher or promoted staff of any concerns, complaints or changes in family circumstances as soon as possible so that we can work together to resolve any difficulties.

Our parent interviews do give sufficient time for private discussions, but the staff are normally available at any time during the school day to discuss a particular pupil’s progress. If you wish to make an appointment please telephone the school office staff who will arrange a suitable time, thus helping to avoid unnecessary disruption to the work of the class.

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