Learning and Teaching

We establish a classroom atmosphere which is nurturing, happy and safe and conducive to learning; pupils and adults are welcomed with a smile and friendly greeting and worries or concerns are addressed effectively to allow children to concentrate on their learning and leave school happy at the end of every day. Classroom environments are bright, tidy and organised, and celebrate children’s learning.

Teachers ensure that lessons are stimulating in order to maintain pupils’ motivation. Learning builds on children’s previous learning and relate to their real-life experiences. Learners are given opportunities to think and learn independently and cooperatively. Lessons reflect a variety of different learning styles and learners are encouraged to be creative and show initiative. Teachers value pupils’ contributions and build on these during lessons and children are taught when and how to seek help in class.   Our teachers monitor pupils’ progress closely during lessons and ensure that instructions are clear. Teachers provide feedback to our pupils in a way which lets them know what they have achieved and their next steps in learning.  Every pupil creates a Learning Log in class, which they use to record their achievements and personal targets.

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